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Tips in Choosing and Wearing Your Bridal Jewelries

jewelriesJust about everyone would say that the bride’s wedding dress is what makes that wedding. An ensuing question, however, is what makes a wedding dress? The answer lies on the bridal jewelry.

So if you’re one of the brides that are in search for the best tips on how to wear your wedding dress together with your bridal jewelries, there’s only one group of people that you would want to hear these tips from: designers of wedding dress and jewelries themselves.

Follow these expert tips from these credible people to help yourself create the aisle style that you want for your wedding day and how to avoid bridal blunders.

Tip #1 Don’t be afraid to mix borrowed accessories with new ones.

Wedding stylists today believe that gone are the days with every piece of wedding jewelries should be “matchy-matchy.” The trend nowadays is by putting together several pieces that express the real but stylish personality of the wearer. Generally, the finish of the jewelry should be similar, but brides should feel free to mix and match several pieces as long as the general shape and era of the ornaments speak of the same tone.

Tip #2 Do bring your headpiece with you when trying on earrings.

One of the common mistakes that bride commit when shopping for bridal jewelries is the failure to select earrings that match perfectly with their headpiece. If you’ve decided not to wear a headpiece, you should not be worrying much about this one. But if your overall attire requires a headpiece, make sure that you consider the proportion and the finish of the embellishments, not only against your face, but more importantly the line and style of your wedding gown.

Tip #3 Don’t wear a watch

This is your day, which means that you should not be concerned much of the time and you just simply enjoy every moment of it. Let your wedding planner or your family, or anybody assigned to manage your event to handle the timing. Also, think of all the close up photos of your hands wearing a bouquet, the moment when you’re exchanging your wedding bands- these are only a couple of shots that could appear less elegant when you’re donning a wristwatch. Wear a shimmering bracelet instead.

Tip #4 Do not over-accessorize.

The trend nowadays is the “less is more” concept. If you want to make statement, choose one part of your body to accentuate by wearing a large piece and maintain a balance with other jewelries with small baubles. If you’re unsure, you’ll never go wrong with the classic combination of earrings and bracelet.

Tip #5 Do not forget your personal style

It’s fine to head for trends, but do not compromise your personal style with what’s hot out there. Remember that it’s your wedding day, which means that it’s your personality, as you, that’s supposed to be seen by everyone. Choose bridal jewelry that reflects your character and be comfortable wearing them. Let the real you shine on your special day.

Tip #6 Buy only quality wedding jewelries

It’s true that every couple has a budget, but cutting costs on your wedding jewelries is not a good idea. Buying a quality piece of ornament will not only make you look at your best on your wedding day but these pieces can be of your own possession and will become your treasure in time.